J.A.S. Technologies, Inc.
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Technical Services

  • Computer Systems
  • Networking
  • CCTV
  • Telephone Systems & VoIP
  • Training
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Basic WEB Page Design

What We Do

Our focus is in the following technologies;

  • Computer Systems
    • Computers for our clients whether they are gamers' or average day users.
    • Also we recommend Linux (Ubuntu) and other open software platforms.
    • We are in partnerships with Dell, Lenova and Microsoft.
      • What you pay for these systems on the Internet, you pay the same with us.
      • You receive the same warranty.
    • We also build custom systems based on your needs and budget
  • Networks
    • Wireless (WiFi) network design
    • Wired network design (primarily Cisco)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Modernize your business with POS equipment.
    • POS helps you with;
      • Inventory
      • Daily Sales Records
      • Sales Tax Collection
      • Productivity
  • CCTV
    • Closed Circuit Television Systems (Analog or IP)
    • Wireless CCTV if applicable.
  • Telephone Systems
    • We are in partnership with NEC, Digium and FreePBX
    • We can re-purpose your old computer and turn it into a phone system that has many features including voice mail.
  • Training
    • We offer Front End Analysis to our customer
    • We design classes based on YOUR requirements, Develop all the training material (including labs) and deliver the course to your employees.
    • We also offer Train the Trainer course that are video taped and offer your employees feedback on presentation, classroom management and other tricks of the trade.
  • Basic WEB Page Design
    • We offer basic web site designs for business.
    • We can manage your web pages or you can.

Why We Do It

  • Because We Can
  • Customer needs to purchase ONLY what they need, no more and no less
  • We explain the DIFFERENCES between CONSUMER and COMMERICAL products
    • Most businesses do not understand what consumer products are.
    • Most business owners only understand the BOTTOM line, money.
    • Money ONLY gets you what you buy.