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Understanding IP Addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know - If you read this and do the exercises you WILL learn everything about IPV4. Book on IP Addressing IPV4
WireShark Captures- A list of over 100 wireshark captures for you to use and learn from. WireShark Captures
Packet Life - One very cool website. You can find Cheat Sheets for various protocols, Captures from network analyzers, Armory that you have to see what it does, Toolbox that can bust that Cisco password and Bookshelf. PacketLife
SubNet Calculator - This is free from Solarwinds and all you have to do is give them some minor information. Subnet Calculator
Ubuntu Desktop - Free Linux based operating systems that has a word processor and spreadsheet already included in the download. Ubuntu Desktop
VoIP PBX Downloads - Different soft switches (IP-PBX) for you to learn from and play with. Practice makes perfect. However since it is free there are no manuals and you will have to search online to get information about setting these up.

FreePBX FusionPBX Freeswitch

Wireshark - This used to be called Ethereal and is one of the most used network analyzers out there. HOWEVER, a word of warning. You can only use a network analyzer on a network you own or are in charge of. Otherwise you are breaking the law. Wireshark
Root Server Locations - The Public-Root Servers are strategically deployed around the globe. They support a global network of domain name servers that provide access to all known, non-colliding, and operational Top-Level Domains Public-Root Servers
E164 Organization -In a nutshell: E164.org is a public enum directory of telephone numbers that can be reached over the Internet by anyone anywhere!The system works by publishing a DNS zone, 'e164.org', that can be used by various Internet applications. The idea is to be able to map your phone number to an E-mail address, website, VoIP addresses, etc E164.org
Get Human - Need to contact a company? Or have them call you? Get customer service faster and easier. Get Human
Cisco Routing 101 - This is one of the best sites for learning about routers and switches that I have found. Granted he has a slight accent, but he sure can explain router and switches in an understandable way and you can use his examples to help you with your configurations.

Cisco 101

Cisco Packet Tracer - If it is hard for you to get network equipment, but still want to learn Cisco, I recommend down loading this and learning it. There are tutorials on YouTube for you to find that may help. Packet Tracer