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Business Management

Business Management

  • New Business Start -Up
  • Different Types of Business Structures
  • Existing Business Management
  • Using Technology in Your Business
  • Day-to-Day Operations

It is Never Business as Usual

Being in business or thinking about starting a business takes dedication. Granted we all want to be successful in whatever we do, but we all cannot become Donald Trump over night. Sometimes we fail, so did Donald. But what makes a great business person is their ability to overcome obstacles and failures. Nothing is ever worth having if it is too easy to get.

I am not trying to be a pessimist, just realistic. Nothing in business is easy and business never goes as usual.

Can we help you with your business? We can and it does not matter if you are just starting a business (no matter what business structure you are using) or already have a business, but need some guidance.

The most common business to start is a restaurant? But did you know that within the first year 85% of all businesses (not just restaurants) go out of business and of the remaining 15%, only half of them will last for five years. This is a lot of money and time to just throw away.

Think BEFORE You Start

  • Do your homework FIRST!
    • Know your competition
    • Know what your customer wants
    • Know your daily expenses and generate enough revenue to pay those expenses.
    • Know that if you can CLEAR 5% profit you are doing good.
  • Know what type of company you want and need. (Sole Owner, Partnership, LLC, etc.)
  • Plan before you ACT
  • Work the plan you made no matter WHAT
  • Ask for HELP
  • If something becomes impossible, step back and re-evaluate things
  • Be ready for long hours, no time off for being sick, no vacations and little money to live on at the beginning.