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Who is J.A.S. Technologies, Inc.

They say behind ever great vision lies a great relationship.

People often ask me what J.A.S. stands for and I smile and tell them, 'James And Sheryl', but then I confess that I got lucky. Actually it is my initials. Our company is owned by my wife (52%) and I get the remaining (48%).

Over the years I could not have made it without her love and support. Normally, most of my business requires travel. There were times I was on the road 40 weeks of the year, but now I am trying to scale back. We are working more with local business than ever before and I truly want to keep it that way.

We are a consulting firm and our primary focus in in the Information Technology (I.T.) fields. However we do project management (James is a certified Project Manager in good standing with PMI), Sheryl is an experienced accountant that worked as the director of accounting in a law firm in Ventura, California.